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Wrap-up Meeting for WHS Praetorians 55th Reunion



The wrap-up meeting of our 55th Reunion Committee was held on Sunday, December 11, 2011.  It was agreed by all present that our reunion was a grand success. Much encouragement came from the positive feedback of classmates. Many thanks were extended with extra kudos to our esteemed leader, Bob Pagan.


Thoughts, Suggestions and Preparation for the Future:


1. Continue to have a Praetorian reunion, i.e. our reunion is for only those who graduated as Praetorians in June of 1956 plus a few longtime friends of Praetorians as was the 55th reunion policy.


2. For many reasons, we might want to give serious thought to planning a single day reunion for our 60th.  Since all who attended the Saturday lunch at the Town House this year had such a great time, this might be the ideal venue for an all day celebration.


3. As of 12/17/11, the balance in the reunion account is $323.69.  It was agreed by all that it should be used for the continuance of our reunion website. Bob Pagan will pursue the possibility of reduced annual fees for a five year period. (Note: Per Bob's pursuance of this subject following this meeting, we now know that we are paid until June 19, 2012. A five year package would cost $374.25 for server space, domain name and storage space for photos.) Additional money needed for the maintenance of the website will be covered by members of the 55th Reunion Committee.


4. By vote of those present, Rochelle Ellman Kasten was the unanimous choice for the Chair of our 60th reunion.


5. The 55th Reunion Committee will continue meeting just for fun but, by September 2015, the Committee, welcoming anyone who wishes to participate, will begin planning for a 2016 60th reunion.


6. In order to keep our website updated, classmates are requested to report any changes of address, telephone, cell phone, etc. to


Respectfully submitted,


Sharon McElroy Guthrie (in the absence of Becky Walker Ingram)


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