Dear Praetorian Classmates,

As you may know this website was used for the 50th, 55th & 60th very successful reunions. Resigning while we're ahead the committee has folded up shop and any further gatherings will be less formal and less planned.

The lease on this website was scheduled to expire 6/19/2017. However several classmate suggested we keep the site alive - so a last minute reprieve has extended its life 3 more years at which point another decision will be needed.

What is very much hoped is that classmates will check in now and then and post information on what they are doing and maybe post a photo or two.
October 15, 2011
October 15, 2011


If you have changed any of your contact information (mailing address, phone or email) please let us know so we can contact you regarding future events like our 60th reunion - thank you.
email changes to Bob Pagan

The memorial video for Praetorians that have passed that was shown at our 55th reunion is now on You Tube.

by Carole & Stan Onaitis
(Carole Davedeit)

music subsitded to non-copy right piece

no music version

The music for the video was deleated by You Tube due to copy right laws

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